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[[ wheelsy, south carolina / + / milliways ]]

To say that Kate is on a mission would be an understatement.

She's a force, today, as she tackles her latest project: fitting a new DIY bookshelf in Bill's living room.

It's gorgeous — or will be, once she puts it together — all rich, warm wood, clean lines, and glass doors.

She just has to do a little re-arranging, so it'll actually fit along the wall she's chosen.

- - - - -

The Front Door swings open an inch, then two.

"Oh, come on."

Another inch, and the plaid arm of a checkered couch becomes visible.

From the other side of the door, Kate gives the piece of furniture one more shove into the hall; half the sofa slides across the bar's threshold.


None the wiser, she turns around to survey how much space she just created to work with, swiping at her sweat-damp forehead with the back of her hand.

An indignant squeak cuts her victory short.

Surprised, she turns to face the hall, and sees Milliways, instead.

"You have got to be kidding me," she all but groans. With a resigned sigh, she grabs the couch, and tugs.

And tugs.

"Now you're really just messing with me," she mutters under her breath, fighting the urge to curse the Landlord.
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A corner of the couch bumps William as he's walking towards the door and leans against it as the rat gets Kate.

He rubs his knee and says, "Hey, I'll help. Don't need to yell at Miss Warner."
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"Yeah, but I can help you out. I'll get this side. I think if we lift it together it should shift where you wanted,"

The rat looks them over and crosses it arms as it's waiting for the couch to not be there.
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He laughs as he positions himself and says, "Alright, heave."
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He nods and keeps walking back as the door shuts behind him,

"Careful there, I can take most of the weight."
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He nods and tries to set it at about the same place on his end, "That look right?"