justdidntseeit: (empathetic)
Kate Warner ([personal profile] justdidntseeit) wrote2009-11-23 03:07 pm

[[ note left for doc scurlock and kate barlow ]]

Doc and Katherine --

I don't know if you two have found your way back to the bar since we left -- I don't even know if either of you will get this note, but I wanted to leave it, just in case one or both of you stop in.

I hope you're both well and that you're enjoying your time in Colorado. It's beautiful in my time, and I'm betting it's even more gorgeous in yours. Bill said there was some trouble that morning in the stables with Ramon, but Security was handling it. I haven't seen Ramon, but I'm making sure he doesn't connect Boo to any of us.

Bill, Boo and I are still at Demeter's for now, and we'll be checking in as we can.

Take care,

P.S. A friend told me there's a strange virus going around the bar. She said it's like a flu, but it comes with memories that belong to other people. It might be something to keep an eye out for so neither of you get sick, and it could be affecting the people around you here.