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[ "I hope we'll see you both tomorrow." ]
God, it's early.

With Boo in her arms and a tote bag loaded with necessary toys and art supplies over one shoulder, Kate reaches the bottom of the stairs and turns to see how Bill's faring with the two suitcases he's hauling.

"This is going to be fun, Gracie-Boo," she murmurs into Boo's hair, and she doesn't know who she's trying to assure more -- Boo or herself. "Provence is beautiful."

When Bill joins them, she gives him a small, sleepy smile; neither of them got much rest the night before thanks to last-minute packing.

"Okay, you two."

Demeter's waiting.
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[ "what do y'feel like drinkin'?" ]
It's more of a hovel than a hotel, but Kate doesn't particularly care -- she's enamored with the (hideous) decor.

(If she were less intoxicated, she'd be more impressed that she and Doc and their bags made it to the top of the stairs and into the matchbox-sized room.)

She slings her tote onto the bed with a careless, drunken grace and picks up a throw pillow.

"This is amazing."

She runs her fingers through its fringe.

"It's cowboys, Doc. Not the football team, either -- real ones. It's like a -- an homage."

She glances around the room -- four walls, the bed, a rickety dresser, and a couch that's more of a loveseat.

"But where's the other bed?"
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[ pillow talk ]
It's still dark when Kate eases out of the bedroom for her morning run, closing the door with a quiet click. Zipping up her thin fleece jacket, she heads for the kitchen; the smell of coffee fills her nose, and she's glad Bill remembered to set the timer last night -- if Doc wakes before Bill (which she's sure he will) and before she gets back, he'll only have to grab a mug from the cabinet.

She's pulling her hair into a ponytail as she enters the kitchen, her eyes adjusting to the dim light they'd left burning over the stove.
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For the first time in what feels like awhile, Kate doesn't walk into the bar in her pajamas. (Or bathrobe. Or fuzzy slippers.) The door leading back to Bill's kitchen doesn't disappear, either.

She takes a quick look around; after a half-second of debate, she heads for the counter.

(Bill's gone fishing with Dave, anyway; he won't be wondering where she's gotten to.)

She opens her mouth to order lunch, but, while she's thinking about it --

"Bar, have you seen Doc today? I need to talk to him about the stables."

(She's really hoping she and Bill can borrow a couple of horses for Valentine's Day.)


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