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[ "I hope we'll see you both tomorrow." ]
God, it's early.

With Boo in her arms and a tote bag loaded with necessary toys and art supplies over one shoulder, Kate reaches the bottom of the stairs and turns to see how Bill's faring with the two suitcases he's hauling.

"This is going to be fun, Gracie-Boo," she murmurs into Boo's hair, and she doesn't know who she's trying to assure more -- Boo or herself. "Provence is beautiful."

When Bill joins them, she gives him a small, sleepy smile; neither of them got much rest the night before thanks to last-minute packing.

"Okay, you two."

Demeter's waiting.
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[ "three days." ]
Kate's asleep on her side in Boo's too-small bed, neck bent at an awkward angle. One arm is draped around Boo's snoring form, and the fingers of her free hand are still loosely curled around a dog-eared paperback on the pink comforter. An impressive assortment of Boo's books litter the floor, and a small stack is perched precariously between the edge of the mattress and Kate's heel.

She hasn't been sleeping long, her breathing still shallow and features not as relaxed as they could be.
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[ after this and this ]
Kate blinks awake, her sleep-fogged brain registering the fact that there's only one person in bed with her instead of two.

She vaguely remembers Bill's lips near her ear -- "I'm just goin' downstairs for some coffee, you want me to bring y'anything?" -- and her own near-incoherent nnnmkay.

Stifling a yawn, she sits up, careful not to disturb Boo still sleeping beside her. She adjusts the sheet and comforter around Boo before easing out of bed and padding into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face.

She feels closer to awake as she quietly brews a pot of coffee in the kitchen, then curls up on the couch to write out a few notes to leave with Bar.
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[ "she doesn't seem to be a fan of doctor's offices as it is." ]
With Boo cradled in her arms, Kate leans against the wall just outside her room while Bill unlocks the door.

The stress of the past few hours -- capturing Cruella, searching the empty apartment, rescuing Boo -- is catching up to her as her body reminds her of the spill she took in Cruella's kitchen.

"Home safe, half-pint," she says into Boo's hair. "We'll get you a nice bath and some clean pajamas."
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[ "love you. no matter what." ]
Kate wakes, squinting in the half-light of early morning.

Grace is still sleeping beside her, curled on her side and hugging two pink pillows close.

Yawning, Kate closes her eyes again.

And re-opens them fifteen minutes later.

Giving up on sleep, she eases out of bed and grabs a piece of paper and a pen from the desk.

Gracie-Boo —

Just went out for a run, didn't want to wake you. Come by my room if I don't see you first.

— Kate

Placing the note beside Grace on the bed, she slips out of the room and pads down the hall.

Careful not to wake Bill, she trades her pajamas for a pair of sweats and a tank, then fumbles for her running shoes near the dresser.

- - - - -

When she's back an hour later, he's still sleeping.

Pausing by the bed on her way to the shower, she leans down and presses a kiss to his temple.

"Hey, you. I'm back."

(She wonders if he even remembers that she woke him up a few hours ago to tell him about Grace.)
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[ earlier in the day, kate and boo went fishing ]
And the quote-unquote fishing trip explains the ten-gallon fish tank now in Kate's room. And the silver minnow swimming in said tank.

His name, according to Boo, is Fred the Fish.

Boo, of course, being Concerned and Responsible, has to ensure that Kate takes proper care of Fred, so she's spending the night in Kate's room.

Only now Kate's awake in the middle of the night, and there's no Boo asleep beside her.
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[ upstairs in milliways, a few days after this ]
As soon as Kate's eyes open in the early morning light, she automatically rolls over and reaches out a hand.

The forehead beneath her touch is almost cool. No longer sweaty or feverish or clammy. Back to normal.


She stifles a sigh of relief and props herself on one elbow, smiling down at Boo.

"I think you're really back to a hundred percent, half-pint."


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