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[ these stakes have a high alcohol content ]
She's lost count of how much wine they've put away among the three of them.

By the time they call it a night, she's also lost count of how many hands of Texas hold 'em have slipped through their fingers, wallets, and wardrobes.

Kate's laughing as they stagger-stumble upstairs in a tangle of arms and torsos and underwear.

(At this point, she's fairly certain Bill and Beckett are mostly carrying her between them.)

They clear the stairs and her ankle rolls -- how, she's not quite sure -- but she's taking Beckett and Bill with her with a warm tumble, the ceiling's spinning, and she can't stop laughing.

"God, guys, I'm sorry -- sorry -- "

Her fingers brush Bill's stomach, and her free hand grazes Beckett's ribs as she twists to peer at them.

"Everybody okay?"
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With Boo spending the night with a playmate nearby and Demeter away, the remaining grown-ups have the evening and the house to themselves.

Which means, after a long, unhurried dinner and plenty of conversation, Kate, Beckett and Bill find themselves working their way through more than a couple of bottles of wine from Demeter's impressive cellar.

And Bill's shuffling a deck of playing cards.

The stakes have yet to be determined.
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She wakes in a warm tangle of limbs and sheets, her face buried in the hollow of Bill's neck and shoulder.

The room is half-lit in early-morning gray, and she stifles a yawn.

Shifting, her leg moves higher on his thigh; she breathes deep, blinking the blurriness from her vision.

Bill stirs next to her, his arm tightening around her to draw her closer. Her lips press against his neck, and she smiles against his skin.

"Morning," she says, her voice soft and hoarse.
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[ "I hope we'll see you both tomorrow." ]
God, it's early.

With Boo in her arms and a tote bag loaded with necessary toys and art supplies over one shoulder, Kate reaches the bottom of the stairs and turns to see how Bill's faring with the two suitcases he's hauling.

"This is going to be fun, Gracie-Boo," she murmurs into Boo's hair, and she doesn't know who she's trying to assure more -- Boo or herself. "Provence is beautiful."

When Bill joins them, she gives him a small, sleepy smile; neither of them got much rest the night before thanks to last-minute packing.

"Okay, you two."

Demeter's waiting.
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[ "i think i should talk to demeter." ]
Kate eases open Boo's bedroom door, and she isn't completely surprised to see that Bill has fallen asleep with Boo curled on his chest, her head tucked under his chin. They're both snoring softly, a copy of Where the Wild Things Are rising and falling on Bill's stomach with each slow, even breath.

Smiling to herself, Kate pads across the room on silent feet and lifts the book from Bill's torso. Once it's back on the shelf, she carefully covers Bill and Boo with a spare blanket.

She doesn't want to wake either of them -- Boo played hard earlier, and Bill hasn't been sleeping well for days; the purple smudges under his eyes hurt to see.

She's closing the bedroom door behind her with a barely audible click when a soft knock sounds.

Her heart rate doubles as crosses the suite, but tension drains from her shoulders when she sees who's on the other side of the door.

"Demeter," she says quietly, stepping back and opening the door wider. "Come in."
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[ that house of cards is gonna fall ]
With Boo tucked in bed for the night, Kate's curled on the couch, hardly reading a dog-eared paperback, while Bill works on a jigsaw puzzle at the kitchen table. On the TV screen, the PONG! console plays a silent game against itself.

As she turns another page, Kate absently brings a hand to her face. The swelling's much better than yesterday, but the bruise is ugly, an eggplant splotch marring her cheek just below her eye.

It's quiet in the suite; the knock surprises them both. Kate stiffens, and her eyes flick to Bill. She's trying to reassure herself that it's a friend on the other side of the door, or someone coming by to check on Boo, but her triphammering heart belies the notion.
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[ "you should have stayed out of this." // "something's come up that i gotta take care of." ]
The shower didn't help.

Cheek throbbing, she pulls her green terrycloth towel tighter around herself.

She needs to get dressed, she needs to wake Bill —

(she's sorry, she's so sorry)
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[ "i can't see you get hurt again because your heart's bigger than your brain." ]
"Goin' s'where?"

Her stomach twists as she smooths Bill's rumpled hair from his forehead in the gray pre-dawn light.

"Just for a run. Go back to sleep."

He gives her a sleepy half-nod.

"Mmmkay. Careful, s'bunnies."

She nearly chokes on guilt as her lips brush his cheek.

"I will. Back in a little while."

She slips out of the suite and heads down the hall to Bill's empty room.

- - - - -

She finds the gun on the top shelf in his closet.

Jaw tight, she lifts the weapon with steady hands and checks the magazine, then tucks the gun into the waistband of her black running pants at the small of her back.

With its cold weight at the base of her spine, she's hyper-aware of every step, every flex of each muscle and every breath she takes as she locks Bill's door and heads downstairs.

She doesn't know if she'll find Ramon, but she has to try.
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[ "three days." ]
Kate's asleep on her side in Boo's too-small bed, neck bent at an awkward angle. One arm is draped around Boo's snoring form, and the fingers of her free hand are still loosely curled around a dog-eared paperback on the pink comforter. An impressive assortment of Boo's books litter the floor, and a small stack is perched precariously between the edge of the mattress and Kate's heel.

She hasn't been sleeping long, her breathing still shallow and features not as relaxed as they could be.
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[ an officer and a gentleman ]
Mr. Spiny is missing.

Kate's searched everywhere -- beneath her bed, in Boo's room, even the freezer, just in case -- and he's is nowhere to be found.

On a quick recon mission, she zips down the hall to see if he's in Bill's room, and --

Oh my god.
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[ after this and this ]
Kate blinks awake, her sleep-fogged brain registering the fact that there's only one person in bed with her instead of two.

She vaguely remembers Bill's lips near her ear -- "I'm just goin' downstairs for some coffee, you want me to bring y'anything?" -- and her own near-incoherent nnnmkay.

Stifling a yawn, she sits up, careful not to disturb Boo still sleeping beside her. She adjusts the sheet and comforter around Boo before easing out of bed and padding into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face.

She feels closer to awake as she quietly brews a pot of coffee in the kitchen, then curls up on the couch to write out a few notes to leave with Bar.
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[ "she doesn't seem to be a fan of doctor's offices as it is." ]
With Boo cradled in her arms, Kate leans against the wall just outside her room while Bill unlocks the door.

The stress of the past few hours -- capturing Cruella, searching the empty apartment, rescuing Boo -- is catching up to her as her body reminds her of the spill she took in Cruella's kitchen.

"Home safe, half-pint," she says into Boo's hair. "We'll get you a nice bath and some clean pajamas."
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[ part one | | part two | | part three | | part four | | part five | | part six | | part seven ]
Hi, guys -- hope everyone's having a great week!

part the eighth )
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[ part one | | part two | | part three | | part four ]
Hello again, everyone! Your friendly neighborhood show-runner Crystal here, with another apology for another belated e-mail -- my life as a bookseller has been relatively sane, but moonlighting as a copy editor has kicked my (expletive deleted) eight ways to Sunday these past few days.

part the fifth )


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