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[[ milliways infirmary ]]

[ "s'alright, we're gonna get you looked at." ]
After her fever breaks, Kate doesn't move around much as she sleeps, exhaustion settling like silt in her blood.

She doesn't dream, either, but occasional lines appear between her brows or wrinkle her forehead.

At some point, she takes in a deep breath -- deeper than the others, so far -- and her eyelids flutter before opening.
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Bill hasn't left her side.

Someone was nice enough (or insisted) on bringing him clothes, so he's out of the sleepwear he wore in, and is wearing a pair of jeans and a red T-shirt, slumped in a chair beside her bed.

He's asleep, but only dozing; keeping a vigil over Kate while she recovers.

Her stirring rouses him almost immediately, and he looks over, straightening up in the chair.

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Looking her over, his concern has a touch of relief to it when she responds to him.

"Hey, how y'feelin'?"

Reaching out, he gently touches her hand with his fingertips.
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"No, you-- "

His fingers curl around half her hand, and he shakes his head.

"We're in Milliways, darlin'. In the infirmary."
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He feels a quick spike of something that's both irritation and guilt, but pushes it down quickly.

"I ain't-- you been sick, Kate. Runnin' a bad fever."

Reaching out to feel her brow with his free hand, he gives her fingers a squeeze.

"Dr. Cuddy's been lookin' after you here."
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He frowns briefly when her eyes close, and draws his hand back from her forehead.

"Y'need anything? Want some water?"
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When her eyes open again he gives her a soft smile, smoothing his thumb over the top of her hand before letting go.

He brings a glass of water back to the bed, offering his hand to help her sit up.

"I can get y'somethin' to eat, too, if you're hungry."
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He keeps a sure hold on her when she shifts, watching her carefully.

"Just lemme know when you are an' I'll go for you."

Brushing a loose lock of hair back behind her ear, he works his throat quietly.

"Do you remember what happened?"
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"S'alright," he assures her, hiding his worry. "You were in the kitchen when I got up, so I'm not sure what happened."

He puts the glass down on a tray near the bed, and sits down again.

"Think maybe y'just wore yourself out some."
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He hesitates a moment, then shakes his head.

"Don't worry 'bout that right now. You're fine, I got you here an' they've been doin' a good job of lookin' after you."

Just thinking about her on the floor like she was makes his insides twist and his chest ache.

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He gives her his hand, nodding though she can't see him.

"Yeah. I wasn't up yet." I shoulda been. "Think maybe y'just overdid it a bit."

His eyes go down to their hands, and his voice is low; throat tight.

"I know y'ain't been sleepin' all that well."
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It's not.

He's known that she hasn't been resting well, but hasn't talked about it; waiting instead for things to fix themselves. Now Kate's here in the infirmary and it's his fault.

"You'll be alright," he assures her, knowing now isn't the time to talk about it (and wondering if that's just another excuse). "How y'feelin'? You had a fever before, the doctor helped t'bring it down."
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"No apologizin'," he says with a soft smile, squeezing her fingers. "I'm just glad you're alright."

'Scared' is putting it lightly. He can't shake the image of her on the floor, or the feel of the heat coming off of her as he carried her, and he's still anxious for her, though he's doing his best not to show it.
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"Yeah, she was."

Trying not to think about the kidnapping and how Boo looked after, he reaches his free hand out and gently strokes her cheek.

"I like her, too. Glad the door was workin' an' she was around."
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"Kate-- "

He moves his hand from her cheek to take her hand in both of his.

"Don't worry 'bout that. Boo's fine, y'just need to rest. Okay?"
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He holds in a frown at the mention of Marie, and doesn't think he'll tell Kate everything about what happened after he found her in the kitchen.

Tightening his grip on her hand, he shakes his head.

"I know y'don't, but she'll be okay. She'd be more upset if she wanted t'see you an' couldn't."

He pulls out a smile for her, and manages a teasing tone.

"Besides, y'don't look so bad. Just tired, is all. Boo's seen you're bed head before."
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He lets go of her hand to reach for her glass.

"Well, y'look better'n I did in your place," he jokes lightly, glancing around unsure if he should call a doctor or not.
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He reaches for the sheet that's drifted low to pull it up on her, avoiding meeting her gaze.

"Don't worry 'bout me, alright? I'm fine. Just you get better."
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He watches her, listening to her breathing even out, then smooths the sheet over her shoulder.

Leaving his hand in her weak grasp, he settles in his chair again. His eyes stay on her, and he'll drift eventually, but it'll be a light sleep.

He's going to look after her, like he should have been doing before.