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[[ wheelsy, south carolina // milliways ]]

[ papering over the cracks ]
God, she's tired today.

She pushes herself harder on her morning run, tacking on an extra half-mile, then another for good measure.

(The more she works out, the more energy she'll have, she reminds herself with every punishing stride.)

By the time she makes it back to the house, there's a stitch behind her ribs and her knees have turned to oatmeal.

Should've eaten something, she thinks as she fumbles with the back door.

The house is quiet when she leans against the kitchen counter, sheened with sweat and shivering. Nausea washes through her, and she closes her eyes and breathes deep.

Bill will be up soon; she needs to make coffee and jumpstart breakfast.

She grips the edge of the counter with one hand, flipping on the faucet with the other.

The sound of running water fills her ears, fading to mute as her vision tunnels and the sink yellows at its edges.
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He's been sleeping hard lately, after falling into bed at increasingly later hours. It seems like everyday he's got to stay working longer, and the past few days have seen him come home, eat a small bit of whatever Kate's made, then drop into bed.

The alarm feels like it goes off too soon, and he knocks it from the nightstand turning it off.

Finding the bed beside him empty he expects the smell of coffee to be coming in from down the hallway, and is irritated when he realizes it isn't. Hearing water running he guesses Kate got back late from her run.

He heads for the kitchen to tell her he'll just grab something to eat on the way to the department, but she isn't there when he walks in. It isn't until he's rounding the table to turn off the sink that he sees her laying prone on the floor.

Heart leaping high into his throat he drops to his knees beside her.

"Oh God, Kate-- "
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The way she's laying he's afraid to move her.

Heart beating too hard and too fast, the first thing he does is make sure she's breathing. Then he checks for blood; fighting hard to quell his rising panic.

"Kate, honey, y'-- "

Carefully reaching out, his hand touches her cheek and he flinches when he feels the heat coming off of it. Her forehead is worse and with the sweat that's drenching her he knows she's got a dangerous fever.

"Kate, please, darlin'... "

His mind is racing, and mixed up with all his thoughts for action is Oh God, don't--
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He needs to get her help.

Glancing around quickly he spots a dishtowel hanging on the back of a chair. Snatching it, he rises to thrust it under the running water, shutting off the faucet, he wrings it hastily then brings it to wipe her forehead.

She needs a doctor.

Carefully he untangles her and lays her out flat on her back. Rolling the towel up, he lays it across her forehead and gets up to go grab the phone.

"Just-- just hang on a sec, Kate. S'gonna be fine."

She's from a different world.

He stares at the phone in his hand, and looks down at her, and he suddenly doesn't know what to do.
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He sets the phone on the table and is down beside her on the floor again.

Ignoring the fear twisted in his guts, he focuses on what he needs to do to help her.

"S'alright. We're gonna get you looked at."

Carefully he picks her up into his arms. Heat is pouring off of her and he can feel her burning up through the thin cotton of his T-shirt. The dishtowel stays in place as he rises and heads for the bedroom.

That fuckin' door better be workin'--

If the bar doesn't show up he's going to make the call, and figure out what the hell to tell them later.
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She's limp like a doll, and when she murmurs he holds her closer, cradeling her head against his shoulder.

"Early?" As they pass the bathroom he thinks about giving her something, but decides it's better to leave it to the doctor. Someone has to be in the infirmary, or around the bar who can help.

"S'okay, I got you, alright?"
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He's barefoot and dressed for sleep, but doesn't even think about stopping to change when they reach the bedroom. Heading straight for the closet, he wills with everything he has that it opens up to Milliways.

Hearing her say Marie causes a new cold wave of concern to wash over him, and he forces himself to keep a reaction from his voice and expression.

"S'gonna be fine, I promise."

Adjusting her carefully, he reaches out for the closet door handle.

"I got you, Kate."
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He takes his hand back from the door to secure his hold on her.

"Kate-- "

Trying to catch her gaze with his, he keeps his voice calm and firm. A bead of sweat runs down her cheek, and he has no idea how high her temperature is right now.

"Kate, you're alright. You're here with me. I'm with you."
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When she goes limp again he cradles her closer, frowning and brows knitting.

Making sure his hold on her is good, he reaches for the door once again and pulls it open.

A breath escapes his chest when he sees Milliways on the other side, and he steps through quickly, headed straight for the infirmary.

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Cuddy's on duty in the infirmary today - not officially, but since she's in the bar and not in her office, she figures she might as well lend a hand where it's needed and give some of the other doctors a break.

Right now, it's quiet, but if running a hospital has taught her anything, it won't be that way for very long.
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Bill backs into the infirmary, pushing the door open with his shoulder, holding Kate in his arms.

Turning around, he scans the room quickly.

"I need a doctor, please."

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Her gaze snaps upward from her filing.

"Oh, God," she mutters, and immediately leaves her chair, motioning for him to bring the woman in his arms to a bed.

"Was she conscious when you found her?"
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He eases Kate onto a bed, glancing over her with worry. The other woman is talking to him and it takes a moment before he looks up at her.

Forcing himself to forget that it's Kate laying on the bed, he focuses on delivering the information he has, so they can help her.

"Yeah. I don't know how long she was out. She's got a real high fever, an' has come around some, but isn't really responsive. She's been hallucinatin' or dreamin'; confused 'bout things."

The faded Wheelsy Sheriff's department T-shirt he's wearing has sweat stains from Kate, and though his voice is steady, his eyes are wide and anxious.

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Cuddy only allows herself a moment to assess the situation; she presses a hand to the woman's forehead, feeling the heat of her skin, and then sets to work on readying some ice packs.

There's some already cold, she finds, and places one against her forehead and another along the inside of her wrist.

"The most important thing is getting her temperature down," Cuddy tells him. "If a fever is all it is, she'll need to go on antibiotics and get lots of rest. And I'm going to set up an IV for her now, so she's able to retain some fluids."

She glances toward Bill, strapping on a pair of gloves and readying the IV.

"Once the fever breaks, we can try to get her to take something orally, but she's too delirious for it now."
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He nods, watching her work. He keeps out of her way, but stays close to Kate.

"D'you know what's wrong with her? What if it ain't just a fever?"

Moving to the opposite side of Kate that Cuddy is working on, Bill wipes his sweating palm on the gym shorts he's wearing, then carefully takes Kate's hand.

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"If the cold packs don't start working, I can draw some blood and run some tests," Cuddy says.

"We'll just have to keep an eye on her over the next couple of hours."

The insertion of the IV needle is relatively quick and painless, and her gaze quickly darts from Kate's face to Bill's.

"You two - you're the ones Boo was staying with, aren't you?"
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When the IV goes in Bill's eyes cut away, wincing for Kate.

Looking back at the doctor he nods, searching for her name through his worry now and from that night they brought Boo in.

"Yeah, we were lookin' after her. It's Dr. Cuddy, right?"

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"I'm Dr. Cuddy, yes," she answers - quickly, though not without sincerity. On the other hand, there are more important things to concern herself with.

"Talk to her," she says, murmuring over Kate, inclining her head in Bill's direction.

"Keeping her conscious is important until the meds kick in - which should be any minute now. Kate, my name is Dr. Cuddy, do you remember who I am? Do you know where you are?"
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His focus goes to Kate, and he tightens his hold on her hand.


Nodding to the doctor's words, he keeps talking, assuring.

"S'okay, Kate. Boo's fine. We're just here gettin' you looked at. Looks like y'might've over done it a bit. How y'feelin'?"

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"That's the ice packs. We had to lower your temperature," Cuddy explains to her. "You spiked a pretty high fever."

Slowly, she removes a couple of them, keeping one along her arm until she steadies.
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He wants to get her a blanket, but she still feels hot.

He watches Cuddy remove some of the ice packs, then pats Kate's hand.

"Don't worry, Kate, s'gonna be fine. You're bein' looked after real good here."

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Cuddy reaches for a thermometer, the kind she can place in Kate's ear to take her temperature.

Five seconds later, it's beeping, and she takes it out to glance at the number that reads digitally on the screen.

"Her fever's breaking," she tells Bill. "I'm going to keep one ice pack on her, wrap it in a towel so she doesn't get chilled. The next couple hours, we're just going to need to attack this with rest and fluids."
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The mention of her dad twists something inside and he does his best not to react to it.

"Don't worry 'bout none of that right now, okay? You just look t'feelin' better."

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Cuddy waits for a moment, for Kate's breathing to even out and her eyes to close, and then turns to Bill with a reassuring smile.

"She'll be alright. My shift's not over for another few hours; I can keep an eye on her if you need to rest or want to grab some coffee later on."
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He watches Kate fall under again, and carefully lets go of her hand.

"I'm alright."

He's going to stay as long as Kate is here.

Glancing up from Kate to Cuddy he says, "Thank you."