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[[ milliways, upstairs ]]

After leaving a few notes and gifts with Bar, Kate returns upstairs.

She still has one more to deliver.
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While Kate is out, and Boo is napping, Bill is taking a minute to adjust some of the decorations on the tree.

Specifically, the candy canes.

Several are finding their way higher up the branches, out of toddler-reaching-level.

Obviously this is because he's looking out for Boo and watching how much candy she eats, not because he's trying to claim them for himself.
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His hand reaching for a candy cane shifts to the right, and he fiddles with a glass bobble instead.

Turning around he puts on his best confused look.

"Huh? I was just... some of these ornaments look crooked."
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He turns away from the tree, smiling when he sees she's letting it go.

His smile turns warm and curious and he tilts his head.

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"Kate," he admonishes teasingly.

Shaking his head at her, he leans back on his heels, glancing behind the tree before looking back at her.

"You're a bad influence, 'cause I might've broken it, too."
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"You didn't have to, neither," he points out with a smirk.
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He watches her go, then retrieves the gifts he has for her. One is the box he had so much trouble with, that she finally finished for him; it's cleverly stashed behind the tree.

The other is a longer box with a run wind set and small whistle inside amongst tissue paper. The box itself is decorated, which saved him from wrapping paper, but not tape.

This one he pulls out from underneath the couch, then takes a seat waiting for her.
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He smiles when he sees the boxes, and at her words.

Holding her gifts out to her, he pulls his own close.

"No pink or kitties, right?"
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"Oh good, I can get in some target practice," he drawls, tugging on the ribbon.

He gets to two packages separated, and opens the larger one first.


Grinning when he sees the box, he removes the rest of the paper and looks it over.

"It's a coffee maker."

A very nice (hopefully uncomplicated) coffee maker.
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Looking over the back of the box, he smirks.

"The department can have my old one. This is great, Kate. Thank you."

Waiting before opening the second box, he watches her with her gift.
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He lets out a short laugh, no way was he going to ask Bar for lingerie.

Watching her get up, he sets the coffee maker on the cushion beside him.

"Are the colors alright? 'Cause you can trade 'em if you want."

He was thinking of Stanford colors (and almost went with a Stanford sweatsuit) when he picked out the red jacket and black pants. Luckily, Bar at least helped with the fitting, so it should be all right.

When the whistle falls, he bends to pick it up.
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His grin falters a tiny bit, and it's a little embarrassed, even while there's a serious undertone to it.

"For bunnies."

He takes his hand back, and shrugs a shoulder.

"I dunno if it'll scare 'em off, but it might at least get you some help if you needed it."

Bunnies are the specific worry, but he knows well enough that there are other things, and people, she could run into outside.
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He tries to laugh it off, but it comes out more like an embarrassed chuckle as he bows his head.

"I'm glad y'like it."
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After she sits, he turns his attention to the other gift he has, and starts to unwrap it.

The coffee grinder gets a wide smile and he looks over at her.

"Thanks, Kate. You're gonna have t'help me pick out somethin' good for this, now."

He's lived on Folgers for forever, and has left the coffee mostly to her since they've started living together; quickly learning that she has good taste when it comes to such things.
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He sets the grinder aside with the coffee maker, and turns his attention to her.

"Yeah, I did," said with a proud smile after seeing her approval. "A lady here makes 'em, and she was sellin' things downstairs."

Tilting his head slightly, he tries to recall what Zhaan had said.

"They're good for relaxin', an' thinkin'."
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"You're welcome."

He smiles, gathering up the wrapping paper.

"Glad I went ahead an' broke the rule."
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Offering to take any trash from her, he stands in front of her.

"The gifts were great. I think this turned out as a real good Christmas."
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Smiling wide at the thought of another Christmas, and going home, he nods.

"Sounds like a great plan. 'Specially if it means I get more presents."
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That gets a laugh, and he shakes his head at her.

"You think you're funny, but just wait. It's gonna be an all Colts Christmas for you now."
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"Could be."

With a smirk, he takes the papers to the trashcan in the kitchen.