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Kate Warner ([personal profile] justdidntseeit) wrote2010-01-03 12:45 am

[[ holiday gifts left with bar ]]

Kate and Bill leave cards for AndrAIa, Bart Allen, Coreen Fennel, Dani Phantom, Dr. Lisa Cuddy, Dr. Simon Tam, Enzo, Felix of Vale, Matrix, Nathan Petrelli, Rabastan LeStrange, The Question, and Val Von Doom:

Thank you for everything you've done this year. We wouldn't have gotten Boo back without your help.

Happy holidays,
Kate Warner and Bill Pardy

When the recipients check the tab board, they'll see a generous credit next to their names.

For Enzo, once Bar informs Kate that he'll likely never notice the credit to his older sister's tab, Kate instead leaves a Complete Traveler's Guide to Monstropolis, detailing the history and culture of Boo's world, the types of monsters who live there, the progression from scream-power to laugh-power, and tourist attractions. Bar also provides a booklet of limited-issue Boo stamps.

- - - - -

Kate and Bill leave a wicker gift basket filled with Swiss chocolates, French and Italian wines, jars of jam, petit fours, and assorted packets of seeds for Demeter.

The accompanying card reads, Shopping for a goddess is harder than we thought. We can never repay you for everything you've done for us, but we hope you enjoy.

Happy holidays,
Kate and Bill

- - - - -

Doc Scurlock receives an iPod pre-loaded with Billy Idol, Elton John, Billy Joel, Carole King and Jackson Browne.

The accompanying card reads, I was paying attention on the way to the airport.

Merry Christmas, Doc.

- Kate

- - - - -

Kate Barlow receives a wicker gift basket filled with scone and muffin mixes, assorted jams and jellies, tea, and cookie mix in a jar.

The accompanying card reads, I haven't forgotten how much fun we had with Boo in the kitchen last year -- if we find the time, we should get together again.

Merry Christmas,
Kate W.

- - - - -

Kate Beckett receives the most luxurious spa robe in the history of Saks and a box of bath goodies.

The accompanying card reads, To match the tub.

Merry Christmas, Kate.

- K.

- - - - -

Paul Avery receives a Nintendo Entertainment System with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.

The accompanying card reads, Just because we haven't seen much of each other doesn't mean you don't get a Christmas gift. Besides, you're the only reporter I like.

- Kate

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