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[[ milliways ]]

[ "i can't see you get hurt again because your heart's bigger than your brain." ]
"Goin' s'where?"

Her stomach twists as she smooths Bill's rumpled hair from his forehead in the gray pre-dawn light.

"Just for a run. Go back to sleep."

He gives her a sleepy half-nod.

"Mmmkay. Careful, s'bunnies."

She nearly chokes on guilt as her lips brush his cheek.

"I will. Back in a little while."

She slips out of the suite and heads down the hall to Bill's empty room.

- - - - -

She finds the gun on the top shelf in his closet.

Jaw tight, she lifts the weapon with steady hands and checks the magazine, then tucks the gun into the waistband of her black running pants at the small of her back.

With its cold weight at the base of her spine, she's hyper-aware of every step, every flex of each muscle and every breath she takes as she locks Bill's door and heads downstairs.

She doesn't know if she'll find Ramon, but she has to try.
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She's in luck, if that's the right word. Ramon tends to be an early riser if he hasn't been up all night and this morning, he'd woken up restless. So he got up in the dark and went for a ride. Kate will only have been down about ten minutes before he walks in from the back, dusting stray bits of straw off his shirt.

Breakfast is clearly what is needed here and he's not looking around - not expecting many others to be around - as he heads to the bar.
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He sounds cheerful and pleased to see her even - a bracing early ride will do and he has no reason to be mad at her anyway.

Plus, coffee has just appeared at his elbow. That makes everything good.

'How are you?'
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'Mmm. Well enough.'

It would be 'excellent' but there's this whole problem with Bill and Katherine to deal with, y'see.

'Want some breakfast?'
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Ramon stares at the case blankly for a moment. He can actually feel his good mood seeping out of his system.

'What's that?' he asks, though he already suspects.
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He reaches a hand forward and unlatches the case.

It is, indeed, his gun.

'What are you doing with it?'
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'I see that.'

It could be a response to either comment, really. He's quiet for a moment.

'Who told you about it?'
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Ramon holds her eyes, obviously suspicious.

'Why couldn't he just come and give it to me himself.'

He had wanted him to. Wanted to knock his teeth down his throat.
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'An easy solution would have been for him to just give it back when I asked. Or not to have taken it in the first place.'

He lights a cigarette, never looking away.

'So you're a friend of Kate's?'
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'I don't give a fuck what's happened to her,' he replies, bluntly.

And it's true, he really doesn't.

'She'll get what's coming to her.'

He looks away suddenly and perhaps his statement is given more emphasis by the way he picks up the gun, checks the magazine and clicks it all back into place. Then he puts it down on the bar, but leaves the safety off.

'You've only met Bill a couple of times?'
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...and then a brief, disbelieving, chuckle.

'Do you think I'm stupid, Kate?'
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'Well, that's good.'

He smokes quietly for a moment, then starts running a finger up the barrel of the gun.

'We've only talked a couple of times but you know what kind of man I am. You made it obvious last time we spoke that you don't think a lot of me, or what I do. And you know some of the things I've done.

So am I honestly supposed to believe you're so eager for my company that you'd volunteer to bring this back to me, in place of a grown man who can look after himself?'

He looks at her steadily.

'Why would you do that, Kate? Do you think I'm less likely to hurt you, than him?'
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'Do you think I need a reason?'

It's not often he openly acknowledges his own tendency for...well, psychotic behaviour - because most of the time he doesn't bother with self-analysis. But he does know what he's like and sometimes it's a useful tool to make a point.

He lets the question hang there for a beat or two, making that point.

'What is he to you?'
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His eyebrows go up and there's comes a short bark of a laugh.

'How is this helping? Now I have to go find him to kick his ass. Does he really need to hide behind a woman?'

And he's suspicious, oh yes. No one who knows what he's like willingly involves themselves in situations like this. Especially not for someone who is 'nothing' to them.
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He seriously can't believe she just said that.

'OK, to start with - you don't get to decide whether or not there'll be any more 'trouble'. Second, for someone who means nothing to you, you seem to have had a good long conversation with him about this.'


'Why don't you just admit that he's your boyfriend?'

He's fishing but at the same time, the evidence is pointing in that direction. Either that, or a good friend. Certainly not 'nothing'.
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His finger stops stroking along the gun barrel and he picks the weapon up instead. Quite deliberately, he reaches out and puts the muzzle under her chin.

'I think you're lying to me.'
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He tilts his head to the side, looking quizzical. The gun stays where it is.

'Really? Why not?'
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He laughs again, sarcastic.

'Are you stupid?'

He thinks she's stupid.

'They can't throw me in there forever and I've got a good memory.'

For things like revenge, he's got a great memory.
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'Because if you're dead, you can't answer my question.'

Her attempt at humour makes him smirk.

'Bill's your boyfriend, right?'
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Ramon's eyes narrow. For a moment, everything's still.

(could do it could do it could do it)

...he lowers the weapon, looking disgusted.

'I'll find out either way,' he tells her, in an almost conversational tone as he tucks the gun into his waistband.

It looks like he's done with her because he picks up his coffee and pours the remainder of it down his throat before setting the cup down. And that's when he strikes, lashing out and backhanding her hard, right across the cheekbone.

'You're a lying bitch, Kate. You should have stayed out of this.'
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He watches her impassively. There was more to that than the fact that he wanted to, though that was the main reason. It was also because...well. Any man worth his salt would stand up for his woman, right?

(Ramon rarely stands up for his women.)

If she's Bill's girlfriend, he'll be expecting the man to come looking for him. If not...well, it was a bit of fun because she annoyed him.

'See you around, Kate.'

He wanders off, mind turning to Fiona waiting in bed for him. Excellent.